Halimat was born and bred in Africa, Nigeria to be precise until her relocation to the US over a decade ago. She is very much familiar with the inequality, vulnerability and helplessness of the less privileged living in the 3rd world countries.

Early Life

Asake her early lifeThough from a working-class home, every day of her life while living in Nigeria, Halimat had a first-hand experience of what poverty really looked like. Kids going to school bare-feet because their parents could not afford to buy them shoes. Widows struggling every day to feed their children. Minors hawking on both residential and main streets. Families living on less than a dollar every day. Even in her own family, as a young child, she witnessed and got used to seeing necessary food items vanishing from their dinning table and becoming scarce luxurious food. Two working parents reduced to one working parents and the struggle for survival that ensued.


Halimat Oyabambi Her passionAll these combined with her own personal story planted a tiny seed in her, a seed to be part of the change that gives someone hope of a better future. Revisiting Nigeria after almost a decade and seeing that little to nothing has changed among these vulnerable groups made this seed germinate and a once lowly burning flame reignited. This brought about the birth of Asake Inc/Asake Empowerment Foundation Halimat believed that, though she might not be able to save the whole world but she is determined to start by making a difference and giving hope to the vulnerable, one soul at a time.

Her Calling

Halimat Oyabambi graduated from University of Ilorin with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 2006. She later migrated to the United States in 2009. With a bachelor of science degree in Nursing and over eight years nursing experience, everyday seems like an opportunity to work with people of different backgrounds and status. She sees nursing as a divine calling and an avenue to have more understanding of the complexities of the human nature. These experiences have help shaped her view and reaffirm her purpose – to help the needy.

Asake, Halimat Oyabambi at outreach